"Gareth's depth of expertise, coupled with keen strategic thinking, were always hugely valuable to me and my team, and I would recommend him without hesitation."

Adam Ibrahim, Partner, Co-head - UK Litigation and Arbitration Group, DLA Piper

"I am not a new lawyer, but am new to a law firm. Gareth's marketing expertise, and sure touch in teaching me the ropes, was instrumental in setting me off on the right foot in a new environment. He's as great with clients as he is with staff too. It only takes a few minutes of talking to Gareth to know you are in very experienced hands."

Paul Hardy, Brexit Director, DLA Piper

"Gareth is a highly talented marketer, mentor and coach. His years of national and international marketing within various sectors including professional services have given him a wealth of experience. His approach is a refreshing blend of both academic and commercial insights. Gareth helped us when we were starting the business and I would certainly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their sales and marketing approach."

Adam Roney, Co-founder & CEO, Calls9

"Gareth is a really grounded guy which does not obscure his keen intellect. He provides his insight and support in a calm and measured manner. He can adjust his message adroitly depending on the level of sophistication and seniority of the audience. He communicates clearly in a jargon free style."

Mark Hammerton, Partner - Eversheds Sutherland

"For the two years that I worked with Gareth at Eversheds it was a real pleasure. He is one of the best marketing & business development professionals that I have had the opportunity to work with. A complete strategic thinker with the ability to identify the needs of a practice and translate it into genuine results. I would strongly recommend him and hope to work with him again in the future."

Lorraine Gibson, Business Development Director - UK, US & EMEA, Herbert Smith

"Gareth has a fantastic breadth of knowledge covering all aspects of marketing, business development and communications, and as such he is one of my first ports of call as a 'sounding board' He has proven time and again his willingness to share ideas and insights with his network. He brings a clear perspective on current issues both in the UK and internationally, and as such I value his opinion. In summary ... a great professional."

Stephen Crow, Director at Clarion Solicitors

"Gareth brings an important strategic overview to his team and the firm overall. Partly due to his MA, this helps everyone to position decisions in their proper context. He has undoubted analytical skills and is able to bring forward innovative solutions to the often complex problems that we face. Gareth has worked through some very challenging times for us and has been successful in uniting the whole team. He has been key to the delivery of some of our more forward looking services such as our Project Management solutions (DealTrack + RAPID) and the latest apps and social media tools. All this and he manages to retain a sense of humour and keep positive throughout"

Kevin Doolan, Partner, Moller Institute

"Gareth has been responsible for several intiatives in professional services BD that are recognised as being both innovative and pioneering. He possesses two abilities that make him a stand out professional. First, his ability to apply strong strategic thinking to situations. Second, well developed leadership and influencing skills, which ensure that practical strategies are successfully implemented and measured. These are the mark of his approach to business development that gets results."

John Timperley, Managing Director at The Results Consultancy

"They say your personal brand consists of the things people say about you after you have left the room... Brand Osborne; I had the absolute privilege of working for Gareth and found him to be both approachable and down to earth. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience on the Marketing front and established a great rapport with myself and colleagues. It became clear that Gareth was always focused on the objective of getting the job done and wasn't it seemed to me to be a political player, he did it for the cause, not applause.. (now there's a strap line if ever there was one) A good mentor and listener, someone who has the gravitas required at senior level, I'd be delighted to work with Gareth again."

Richard Hinchliffe, CEO, City Training Services

"I had the pleasure of working for Gareth during his time in post as Group Chief Operating Officer. Gareth is a born leader with a meticulous eye for detail and the ability to continuously think and operate at a strategic level. Gareth draws out the best in his colleagues and direct reports, always stretching and challenging others whilst offering on-going professional coaching. As a manager Gareth has an open door approach and his worth ethic is something to be admired. He is well versed in handling multiple projects, in large and complex organisations and his professional experience linked with his marketing expertise enable him to bring an enormous skillset to the table. Having worked for numerous senior postholders I admired Gareth the most due to his strong moral compass, fairness, optimism, compassion and his approach to team work and giving others recognition. I am sure he will bring positivity and energy to any challenge he faces and he will always deliver results."

Gemma Dunn, Head of Marketing & Communications, Bradford College

"Gareth’s arrival at Gordons took the marketing and client services initiative to another level. He brought strategic focus and a real enthusiasm to the role as well as considerable experience which the firm and individuals within it benefitted from and which led to significant award wins. Not only did we all benefit from Gareth’s strategic vision but he also introduced training for the junior lawyers aimed at up-skilling them in work winning as well as mentoring the more senior lawyers around their own work winning objectives.

I have continued to take advice from Gareth about my own marketing activities and work generation despite the fact that we have not worked together for 3 years.

Gareth is a people person which gives him the genuine ability to relate to people at different levels. He doesn’t use marketing jargon and his approach seems to get the best out of those he works with. Gareth is a great team player and is very supportive and encouraging of all who work with him. He is by far the best marketing and client services director I have worked with. I do not hesitate in recommending him."

Barbara Rollin, Partner, Gately Plc

"Gareth is one of those rare people who can both think strategically and act tactically. For instance, he has been instrumental in helping strategically drive organisations to becoming more aligned to delivering customers'a imperatives, rather than the firms'. This requires a mix of forward, clear thinking and focused, detailed implementation. I've also found Gareth to be both entrepreneurial and innovative in his approach, like when he has transformed organisations' approaches to marketing – for instance, instilling better metrics and measurement of ROI, developing customer-facing KAM teams etc. He's also a great business partner to work with - he and I have successfully worked on a number of projects together."

Andy Bounds, International Keynote Speaker Award-winning Consultant, Best-selling Author

"We brought Gareth in to refresh our skills in selling and winning new business. Gareth really understands the market we work in - senior people in corporates and professional firms - and gave us new ways to to develop our networking relationships. The session was energising and more to the point has helped us win business."
Victoria Tomlinson, CEP, Next Up